shane finan

visual artist from Sligo, Ireland.

BA in Fine Art from IT Sligo and an MSc in Interactive Digital Media from Trinity College Dublin.

Work including painting, sculpture, mixed media installation and interactive digital media in indoor and outdoor spaces. Projects engage with community, place and technology.

Works influenced by the places where they are made, and by the social and cultural aspects of these places.

Proud to be a member of Visual Artists Ireland, the representative body for artists in Ireland, and a constant source of support and information.

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latest news

updated may 2018

documentation video: faigh ar ais as an fharraige

This mixed media installation, exhibited at Rye Creative Centre from March 3-17 2018. It was created to respond to Rye, and to contemporary trends in technology and language.

Taking influence from writing on language, technology and society, this artwork was exhibited as a single exhibition.

faigh ar ais as an fharraige is a new project developed for Rye Creative Centre. The exhibition features an interactive digital artwork inspired by history, contemporary culture, place and technology. Using a transposed recreation of JMW Turner’s painting ‘Rye, Sussex’ (1794-7) with a digital touchscreen containing terminology from Sussex, faigh ar ais as an fharraige invites the audience to participate in altering, shifting or changing their visual landscape.

This is the third artwork in the series Antikythera, etc. that began in 2016. The series explores the relationship between technology and transience, telling stories about lost histories through contemporary media.

Supported by Culture Ireland as part of GB18: Promoting Irish Arts in Britain.

See shows for more details.

documentation video: beyond the black stump

Documentation of an artwork created for Charlestown Arts Centre, Co. Mayo, Ireland in September 2017. The artwork was created by the community, using imagery and imagination from the local area of Charlestown. It was made in response to rural depopulation in the west of Ireland.

It is the first artwork of a new series, solastalgia, that will be appearing in projects soon.

Interview in Painting in Text

I recently gave an interview to Painting in Text, which can be read here.

south america 2017

In October 2017 I worked on a research trip with Pierre Auger Observatory, Malargue, Argentina, exploring the technical developments in the observation of cosmic rays in earth's atmosphere. This research will be developed into art projects in the coming months.

I am engaged with Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies about a possible collaboration in Dublin.

In November 2017 I worked with Gstaadfilm: International Festival for Short Art Films as European Manager in Montevideo, Uruguay.