Shane Finan is a professional visual artist from Sligo, Ireland.

He achieved a BA in Fine Art from IT Sligo and an MSc in Interactive Digital Media from Trinity College Dublin.

He has attended residencies in Ireland, Iceland and the USA.

He is exhibiting three public artworks in 2016 as part of a commemoration of significant events that took place in anniversary years during 2016. These form part of the project The Wormwood Coincidence and form the starting point for a longer-term project, Antikythera etc., which will be exhibited in 2016 and 2017.

His previous project, ADA, features a distributed painting made up of 96 pieces - this work is currently being sold as part of a fundraiser for the swiss art gallery Wandelbar Art International.

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He has exhibited in exhibitions and outdoor installations internationally.

All projects can be viewed on this website.