shane finan

visual artist from Sligo, Ireland.

BA in Fine Art from IT Sligo and an MSc in Interactive Digital Media from Trinity College Dublin.

My work includes painting, sculpture, mixed media installation and interactive digital media in indoor and outdoor spaces. I work on projects that attempt to engage with community and locality.

The works are influenced by the places where they are made, and by the social and cultural aspects of these places.

In 2016 I was awarded the Visual Artists Ireland @ Digital Arts Studios Residence Award. I completed this residency in January 2017 when an exhibition took place at the Duncairn Art Centre.

I am currently creating public artworks as part of a commemoration of significant events that took place in anniversary years during 2016. These form part of the project Antikythera etc., which will be exhibited in 2016 and 2017.

My most recent works deal with belief and location and are influenced by places, conversations and reading.

All projects can be viewed on this website.

-Shane Finan 2017


An ongoing project, 'divisions', is currently being constructed. The initial batch of images were released on Twitter in 2016:

The concept of the work is to take disparate images from different places and to create arbitrary divisions between them.

To date over 150 images have been used for over 80 different 'divisions', and more will follow in 2017.

An automatically generated iterative projection is also being developed for this project and will be completed in the coming months.

This will be updated in 2017.

communication and technology

I am currently investigating the idea of language and synesthaesia through a project using projection and programmed, painted computer keyboards. More to follow on this in 2017.

An initial prototype of this work can be seen in the video here.

Further development and the completion of other palettes will be updated here in due course.