a light-based art installation with many glowing cables emerging from a tree-like form

wood wide web

video, painting, interactive digital media, online


Under the soil, trees and fungi connect together, sharing resources and messages. In healthy forests, trees can protect each other by warning of impending disease. But in mono-crop plantations, they cannot. The same may be true for other types of network.

As we move into the third decade of the 21st Century, many people are reconsidering how we live together. Can we find a posthuman future? Can we learn to depend on one another, and on our surrounding environment, mutually?

This is a project about networks, in forests, communities and technologies. The wildwood project supported the community planting of 39,000 native trees in an area near Kielder village, close to the Scottish-English border in England.

The project began in January 2020, which included a residency at Kielderhead Wildwood Project, Kielder, UK. The residency was part of the Visual Arts in Rural Communities programme ENTWINED: Rural Land Lives Art. The residency was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions. It eventually took place in April 2021.

As well as artworks, the research resulted in conference presentations, publications and community events. Publications and other project documentation are available on my artist page on VARC, see here.

Supported by National Lottery UK funding and travel supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.


The most important part of this project is the dialogues that happened with people directly involved, and with people outside the project who generously gave time, expertise, and engagement.

My thanks and love to all, acknowledged below!


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