6-video art installation built into a hexagon with different animals on each screen


drawing, interactive installation, video, online, community engagement


This is a project of becoming-with and being-with animals via the related lenses of disease and vulnerability.

I was one of three artists-in-residence on FIELD, a project investigating endemic livestock disease from the perspectives of history, social science, economics and epidemiology. I researched relationships with animals through farms and farmers. I repeatedly visited and worked with ten farms in Ireland and the UK, and learned from farmers, sheep, bacteria and cows. I spent two months creating artworks on an exhibition residency at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre. The works exhibited there in a solo exhibition before touring to other venues.

Funded by Project FIELD, supported by the Wellcome Trust. Partners were the universities of Lincoln, Leeds (both history), Hull, Newcastle (both social science), Edinburgh (epidemiology), and Glasgow (economics).


things I read or saw that helped create this project


I am lucky with this project to have an exciting network of collaborators on the FIELD project.

Aside from the academics, I have also spoken to farmers, vets, sheep and cows as part of the dialogical process. I document here some of those who I have spoken to or collaborated with in the formation of these ideas. We are always learning from one another, so it is difficult to document the value of these conversations.

My thanks and love to all!

FIELD partners (see all profiles online here):

Other Academic, Farmer, Artist, Vet and other human Collaborators:

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