An art installation with screens and a projection in a dark room, showing images of water. newspaper wallpaper surrounds this


interactive installation


From May to November 2022, I worked with the Jackie Clarke Collection, Co. Mayo, as artist-in-residence. I studied the archive, the museum and the collection to understand why Jackie Clarke chose to collect the objects there. Drawing from printed materials (newspapers, leaflets, autograph books) and the idea of technology as a device for how stories are spread, I created a new art installation that takes over the Memory Room in the collection museum from November 2022 until January 2024.

Assembly is a large mixed media artwork that uses printed material, video screens, projection, animation and sensor technologies. The printed words from newspapers 100 years old, and from today's equivalents, are obscured and barely legible. In the spaces between these confused stories, dreamlike films and printed photographs tell snippets of other stories. Autograph books, influenced by those in the museum collection, contain a trace of the people who have told their stories to me, and they were added to by visitors throughout the exhibition.

Technology is an important part of the message: Screens replace paper and printing press, and sensor-activated panels are activated by handwritten books. Throughout the space, animals and birds take part in telling the complex stories, reminding us that they are part of the narrative and also have homes which they build, maintain and return to. Each of these elements makes up part of a strange collection of objects and ideas that 'intra-active' and strung together as seemingly disparate parts that make up a world in the memory room.

In essence, the artwork is simply a reminder that no story is ever just black and white.

The artwork launched on November 19th 2022. The launch featured talks from Dr. El Putnam (artist-philosopher and Assistant Professor of Digital Media at NUI Maynooth), Cllr. Mark Duffy (Cathaoirleach Ballina MD), and Anne Marie Forbes (Jackie Clarke Collection), chaired by Ann Marie McGing (Arts Officer, Mayo County Council).

Dr. Putnam later wrote an article that includes this piece as part of a broader collection of artworks by Irish artists considering technology. View on MDPI at this link.

A 10-minute documentary about the artwork was created by Anula productions and can be viewed at this link.


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