a colourful abstract painting with a bridge, pipes and buildings


painting, online


ADA (A Distributed Archipelago) is a painting that was created on 96 separate board panels. Each panel is an artwork. The pieces were sold (or distributed) through Wandelbar Art International, to help fund the touring exhibition 'Moving Mountains'.

The project considered of distributed network technologies and insulation, where a whole work is split into parts that will never meet again. Commercial social media platforms were used to spread information about the project. People who purchased a piece received a certificate of ownership and a printed image of the full painting.

From review on Criticismism: "We are more connected than ever, but the quality of our online relations remains in question. Art, which generally requires your physical presence, might be the apotheosis of connection."

Perhaps that is why austerity governments value it so little. That makes archipelagoes a timely and potent image: a cluster of discrete entities joined up more closely than it seems at first."


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